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 Shekinah Glory Deliverance


Phone: 301-351-6918

Worship Services

Sunday Evenings 5pm

Prayer & Believers Study

Thursday 6:30pm - 8pm

Carvers Community Center

207 Madison Street

Frederick MD 

Bless the Lord on our Souls and all that is within us, bless His Holy Name!

In January of 2005 Linus & Faye Bremby were going to visit a close friend at the Shady Grove Rehab in Rockville, MD. While visiting one Sunday, she ask us to come and read the bible with her in her home, when she finishes her rehabilitation. We were focused on doing the work of the Lord where ever we go, so being obedient to the Spirit of God we agreed to the call. After 5 years of bible study, and an increase of the Lord's Blessings, we received the call to, Build God a body in the City of Frederick, MD. "Build me an Army One Disciple at a time", thus saith the Lord. God has placed us to help till the Land and Break up the fallow ground within the hearts of the people. Our ministry is a ministry of healing and deliverance, being his ER (emergency room). God said He would lead us by the Pillar of Cloud by day and Fire by Night, (Exodus 13:21) and to Wait on the Promise.

(Luke 49:24).

July of 2010, Linus and Faye Bremby were ordained and installed as Pastors, and a Worship Service had begun on Sunday Evenings at the Carver Community Center, in Frederick, MD. God has manifested himself with signs, wonders, and miracles following. We are excited for what God has done, is doing and will do. We are standing on His promises, and will continue to give Him all the Glory, Honor and Praise that is due HIS NAME!!!

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