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Our 2017 Retreat will be held in Fairfield, PA at the Middle Creek Christian Retreat Center. This event will be in the Laney Lodge. Registration will begin Friday Sept 15th at 3pm. Come and join us with a very fun, relaxing, and intimate time with God, up in the mountains of PA. There is a fire in all of God's people that needs to be kept burning, brightness to be brightened, remained stable, or just needs to be rekindled. What ever the need, it will be met at this weekend of encounters with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Don't miss an exciting, and life changing time. Maybe you just want to meet a new network of people, or get a closer union with relationships that need refreshing, God will meet you there. This retreat is for families as well as friends getting to together in unity, and praising the Most High. God can birth, restore, repair, rescue, heal and deliver any relationship, as long as you are willing for His way to move in your life.

If you would like to make donates, sponsor someone, or help someone who is less fortunate in their finances, we would appreciate your support.

Contact us @ 301-351-6918

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